New research indicates myofascial trigger point release could be an effective treatment for tinnitus, or ringing in the ear.

This double-blind randomized clinical trial enrolled 71 patients with tinnitus and myofascial pain syndrome, according to an abstract published on The experimental group underwent 10 sessions of myofascial trigger point deactivation while the control group underwent 10 sessions with sham deactivation.

Treatment of the experimental group was effective for tinnitus relief. Pain and tinnitus relieves were associated, so were the ear with worst tinnitus tended to be the side of the body with more pain. The presence of temporary tinnitus modulation—an increase or decrease in sound—upon initial muscle palpation was frequent in both groups, but its temporary decrease was related to the persistent relief at the end of treatment, the abstract noted.

This study was conducted by investigators at the Faculty of Medicine, University of São Paul, Brazil.