WEST PALM BEACH, FL: February 14, 2010. The long awaited Audio Book for Touch the Ocean: The Power of Our Collective Emotions, by James Nemec, LMT, CST-D will be released, on Valentines Day, announces publisher, CraniOcean Media, and available as an Mp3 through New Leaf Distributing.

The unabridged Audio Book for Touch the Ocean, read by the Author in his rented cottage in South Florida, features music by environmental musician, Rusty Crutcher (Ocean Eclipse) and actual sounds from the same Ocean environment mentioned in the book. Rusty Cructher was one of the first musicians in this country to take music to the environment itself with his 1989 recording of Machu Picchu Impressions. Touch the Ocean is the first book in the field of light touch therapy and craniosacral therapy to take the therapeutic process into the interaction with the environment itself as active participant in healing sessions. Being in the ocean itself is a healing, says Author Nemec.

The award winning book, Touch the Ocean, by licensed massage therapist and celebrated craniosacral therapist James Nemec, narrates compelling stories of heart centered presence and ocean healing. “You touch the Ocean, and the Ocean touches you,” says Nemec in his ground breaking book.

In the spirit of the written text, the Audio Book was recorded in the Author’s rented cottage in West Palm Beach on Garageband, with “all the ambient sounds of the Palm Beaches, dogs barking, airplanes flying overhead, rain storms, and ocean sounds. …” but with a calibrated acoustic quality that rivals mainstream audio book publications. For a small, cottage industry production crew, it was no easy task, but this shows that massage therapists can do anything! Additional vocals by aromatherapist, Suzanne Catty.

The listening is engaging. Not only is it good storytelling, there’s perfectly timed humor within a very serious subject. And he delivers on each of the characters! enthuses Engineer, Alex Earley. And the Harvard Coop notes of Touch the Ocean, “What Nemec succeeds at conveying, according to surgeon and Ivy League diplomat, Roy Nuzzo, is that ‘the world shapes us. We, collectively, shape the world,'”

A prismatic focal point of Touch the Ocean is the light-touch healing art of CranioSacral therapy, developed by Dr. John E. Upledger, now, as performed in the clinic environment of the Upledger Institute but also with dolphins and in the Ocean itself. Craniosacral therapy is gaining attention for the relief and treatment of an array of conditions, from neck and lower back pain to migraines and scoliosis to infant seizures, chronic asthma, autism and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Audio Book in attractive DVD case [ 978-0-9792805-4-2] $24.59 with cover design by George Foster, and Mp3 download [978-0-9792805-6-6] $24.59 is distributed by New Leaf Distributing and Baker and Taylor and also available on I-Tunes. Visit the CraniOcean Media press page for updates, http://www.craniocean.com/media.

James Nemec grew up on the ocean in Palm Beach, Florida. He has worked as a playwright and as a practitioner of Craniosacral Therapy. His practice is called, CraniOcean, which is intuitive bodywork and massage in a blend with Craniosacral Therapy. Now, based in West Palm Beach, he travels throughout the country and internationally to perform one to two week Mini-Intensives, discussions and demonstrations. Visit http://www.craniocean.com.

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