CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA – Sept. 9, 2011 – Healing Arts Institute is preparing to meet the new requirements of the California Massage Therapy Council hand to hand. The new laws, which will require students to either become Certified Massage Therapists (CMT) with 500 hours of training or Certified Massage Practitioners (CMP) with 250 hours, will go into effect January 2012.

Healing Arts has tailored a new curriculum to satisfy these requirements, also providing students who have fewer than 250 hours with practical avenues toward the new certifications. However, it is the environment of community and the authentic healing approach being taught at the school that lives at the heart of Healing Arts’ success.

New school owner, Diedrea Jensen, is committed to taking the best of Dr. James Mally’s existing program and keeping it current with the progress of the massage industry. Additional hours in anatomy and kinesiology, as well as business and ethics, will be highlights in the new year, along with a new student run professional massage clinic and internship program.

Besides these changes and additions, Jensen believes that a caring and supportive community is what makes the program so desirable and she is committed to keeping that as a hallmark of the educational experience. Jensen knows firsthand how valuable this environment can be. At the most painful and broken time of her family’s life, it was the professional skills and knowledge of a Healing Arts graduate that was the greatest help in her and her family’s healing.

“Understanding pain and the latent potential every human being has in assisting others to heal, lead me confidently toward enrolling at Healing Arts Institute myself.” Through the program, she was able to find her new purpose and begin the healing process that continues to this day. 

Therapists from Healing Arts Institute understand the secret about healing, which begins from the purity of heart and intention of the practitioner. Healing Arts Institute does its best to bring out these unique and intangible qualities, enabling students to be the most highly regarded practitioners in the area. Healing Arts Institute brings together the best technical training program with a sensitive and safe environment in which to learn.

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