The realm of massage and bodywork has, at its core, the drive to make human beings simply feel better, physically and mentally. As a professional within the industry of healthy touch, helping your clients achieve a relaxed and pain-free state is likely at the top of your mind as you begin each session.

This is a wonderful way to go about one’s daily work as a massage therapist or bodyworker. However, for most of the folks in this field, there’s another important point that must be remembered, even if it’s not nearly as satisfying: the bottom line.

Unless you own a well-established and already successful massage practice, clinic or spa, there’s a good chance you’re forced to think about the bottom line of your massage therapy or bodywork business, especially if you work for yourself, as many members of this industry choose to do.

Boosting your own business doesn’t have to be a painful experience or feel like a superficial endeavor. It can be more about showcasing your skills and knowledge as a practitioner of healthy touch.

One simple way to show current and prospective clients that you know your stuff is to start with such a detail as massage cream. Many clients most likely don’t even think about the cream you’re using on them as they drift into a state of bliss on your massage table. However, if they knew of the benefits massage cream brings to the session, it might make the bodywork even more enjoyable.

In addition, if prospective clients learn that you use only the highest quality of massage creams and other products, or that you have a wide variety of massage creams on hand to meet their specific needs, that could be a draw to the doors of your practice.

Get the word out about the kind of massage cream or creams you employ in your hands-on work, and be sure to tout any perks these creams can bring to clients. Incorporate this information into word-of-mouth networking, brochures, your practice menu, TV or radio advertising, print media and more.

For those clients already on the books, you can let them know about the benefits of your chosen massage cream as the session begins. Tell your client if the massage cream contains all organic ingredients, or if it includes essential oils that will add a twist of aromatherapy to the day’s session.

These are only two examples of the types of benefits or perks certain massage creams can bring to your daily practice. Of course, there are many others, ranging from massage creams packed with natural pain-relieving ingredients, such as Arnica montana, and those that contain natural moisturizing elements, such as nut butters and oils.

Although the alleviation of stress and pain will always be at the heart of massage and bodywork, the bottom line also will always be there, too, at least for people who choose to make a career of this hands-on profession.

By focusing on the beneficial details of your practice, such as the type of massage creams you choose to use, you should be able to boost your bottom line without losing sight of your goals.

—Brandi Schlossberg