Trade Secrets Revealed: The 60/30/10 Rule, by Randi Drinkwater, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipThe basic principle behind return-on-investment (ROI) marketing is this: Marketing can help you grow your massage practice. This is called the 60/30/10 rule.

The 60/30/10 rule
Sixty percent of the effectiveness of your marketing is tied to knowing who your buying audience is—i.e., what keeps them awake at night and how your practice can help resolve their point of pain. If you are to be the lead modality in your area, you must be able to show potential clients why you are a better choice than any of your competition. 

The thirty percent includes the offer you bring to your buying audience to compel them to visit your practice. For example, such offers include 50 percent off the client’s first visit or buy one, get one free regarding any products or supplements purchased during that visit. The combinations are endless. 

Coincidentally, only 10 percent of your marketing success is tied to the creative, yet this is where 90 percent of all people spend their marketing dollars.
Let me explain.

ROI starts with a marketing strategy—not brochures, ads or direct mail, but rather by identifying your practice’s goals and quotas for income and then tying them to your marketing efforts. 

Then, your next step is to leverage marketing tactics (brochures, ads, direct mail, as examples) as a tool to get your message out to the right audience. A message that lets your audience know your practice can resolve their point of pain will put your head and shoulders above the competition.

Says who?
Research shows that identifying your practice’s target audience, what they need and how you can deliver plays a key role in ensuring your marketing doesn’t fall on deaf ears. Then, deliver that message to that audience with a compelling reason to engage and take action with your practice.
The truth of the matter is, if you have the right message for the right target audience, you could pretty much write it on a cocktail napkin, send it to your prospects and still be successful. 

On the other hand, if you have the wrong message, wrong audience but with a great creative, you have the recipe for marketing disaster.

Randi Drinkwater, Trade Secrets Revealed: The 60/30/10 Rule, MASSAGE Magazine Business TipFor more than 25 years, Randi Drinkwater has successfully spearheaded high-impact marketing solutions for such global companies as IBM, Cisco Systems and WorldCom/MCI/UUNet. Today, Drinkwater resides as CEO for Alternative Growth Streams, ( a marketing-membership Web site designed exclusively to empower alternative and integrative health-care practitioners to grow their practices and get more patients/clients. She is well known and respected throughout the industry and is the recipient of the “BPAA Atlanta Peach” and “Southeast Addy” award for marketing excellence.