Toronto, ON, Canada. PatientCal, business management software that is specifically designed for the health care industry, has announced the release of online appointment notes.

 Launching as an online appointment scheduler and catering to the health care industry with such features as automated patient retention, PatientCal takes a unique approach to appointment notes. With PatientCal, your notes are created through your online calendar, so a simple glance at your schedule provides you quick access to your patient’s profile and their treatment notes. Additionally, you can easily attach images to each note for future reference.

“After our launch last year, we dedicated our time to listening to areas of frustration for various sectors of health care. Through feedback from our customers, attending conferences and connecting with industry associations, we found that moving treatment notes from the filing cabinet to online was a priority for most practices,” said PatientCal Co-founder Michael Vesia.

Identifying that existing software packages aren’t realistically prices for small health care practices and online schedulers alone aren’t enough to help run a business, PatientCal has seen quick adoption from massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists, psychiatrists and opticians.

“Our plan is simply to build features that solve problems that are unique to health care. Appointment notes is the first of several feature additions to come in 2013. Our goal is to be the go-to software to help small health care practices run teir businesses efficiently,” said Vesia.

PatientCal’s online scheduling and online appointment notes are currently free to try at