Stanton, CA, January 29, 2009 — The developer of “Neuromuscular Calibration (NC),” David Rubenstein, presents a rare and FREE introduction, demonstration and employment opportunity.  It is critical to understand that this Patent Pending technology is fundamentally different than all somatic and manual therapies in the world.  Neuromuscular Calibration is the new cutting edge in healing modalities.  NC regularly produces instant, long-term pain relief and unprecedented athletic enhancement. 

Over time, injuries, accidents and overuse/underuse reduce our freedom of movement and cause unnatural movements and compensations.  You will learn how to tap into the body’s natural, previously undiscovered, built-in movement system called the “Perfect Motion Template” to reset the body’s posture and movements.
How does NC work?

Dr. Dan Mays, our Director of Research, explains that “NC involves clients performing sequences of simple, slow motion exercises with gentle manual resistance from a certified Calibrationist. These movements reboot the body to brain connection; which in turn relieves pain and improves function.”

So, what do your Clients or Patients get?

Long-term reduction of pain at all levels, from acute to chronic, nagging to severe.  Our pain management clients have obtained durable results and live a life free of limitations.  Our athletic clients have won Olympic medals, tournament wins and longevity on the field.

How do I get more Information?

We will be showcasing NC and presenting employment opportunities on February 19, 2009 in Orange County, California. We invite Chiropractors, Massage Therapists and all Body Workers to attend. 
Please RSVP as only 20 seats are available.

Time & Date: 7 – 9:30 pm, February 19, 2009
Location: The Neuromuscular Calibration Institute, 12362 Beach Blvd #10, Stanton, CA  90680
Phone: (714) 898-4624

If you’d like more information about NC or to schedule an interview with the Neuromuscular Calibration Institute, please call (714) 898-4624 or email David at