Bringing the healing power of massage into the home is a brand-new DVD and companion book, titled Home Massage: Transforming Family Life through the Healing Power of Touch, with the simple goal of transforming family life by teaching easy, loving techniques to bring families together.

This well-crafted DVD and its companion book focus on the therapeutic properties of touch along with its capacity to enhance health and intimacy in all relationships. The authors demystify the medium of massage, take away taboos and make it accessible for everyone in the family. As author Suzette Hodnette explains, “to achieve a happy family life experts agree that we need to communicate with each other much more, not only via our speech but also with the healing vocabulary of loving touch. Touch is our first language. Whatever our age or stage in life the gift of touch can make us feel protected, appreciated, validated, letting us know that we are loved, understood, forgiven.”

Nonsexual touch with clear boundaries as practiced in Home Massage brings this healing gift into our homes. Chuck Fata and Hodnett designed the DVD and book for the nonprofessional and at their core teach three principles that make learning massage easy and fun; create a safe place of honor and respect, encourage the art of massage and taking the mystique out of massage techniques. Also included are ideas for bringing home massage into daily life and how to use these principles to share massage with infants, children, adolescents, spouses and the elderly. By emphasizing the innate healing power of touch to reduce stress and improve the immune system, this practical manual provides the tools for achieving health, relaxation and connection with loved ones. For an excerpt, click here or to go

About the authors

Chuck Fata was a nationally certified massage therapist and co-founder of Touch Communications Home Massage (TCHM) Inc. He taught professionally at the Santa Monica School of Shiatsu and the California College of Physical Arts as well as massage workshops and retreats for nonprofessionals.

Suzette Hodnett also co-founded TCHM and has more than 20 years experience as a licensed psychotherapist and Tai Chi Sandan instructor. She currently works as a life coach. With fellow TCHM co-founder Jackie Skloan, C.M.T., she offers retreats, lectures and workshops nationwide to promote relaxation, connection and healing power of touch.

About the book

Home Massage:Transforming Family Life Through the Power of Healing Touch, by Suzette Hodnett and Chuck Fata, costs $19.95 and is published by Findhorn Press.

About the DVD

Home Massage: Principles and Techniques, by Chuck Fata and Suzette Hodnett, costs $19.95.