One of the most important factors in selecting a massage cream to use on a regular basis is how well the consistency of that massage cream works with the particular techniques and modalities you apply in the session room. After all, a massage cream could have all of the best ingredients from around the world, but if it hinders your ability to provide an optimal session of massage therapy or bodywork, then it is not the right massage cream for you.

Hopefully, you have had a chance to try your techniques with a variety of massage creams, so you know what it feels like when the massage cream really works with your technique—as well as what it feels like when it does not enhance the process. With such awareness, you should have a pretty good idea of what you are looking for in a massage cream.

However, only by testing out various massage creams, and being open to using a new and different massage cream, will you really be able to know whether your massage cream is helping you to provide the best possible massage therapy or bodywork experience.

That said, there is no point in rushing out and trying every massage cream on the market—that would be a waste of time and money. Instead, you can simply open your mind up to some new possibilities and begin to do a bit of searching and asking around.

For starters, try talking about massage cream with your peers and colleagues, especially those who practice similar techniques and modalities. Ask them what kind of massage cream they use, what they like about it, whether they are totally satisfied with this massage cream and what other kinds of massage creams they have used in the past.

Such a conversation will likely yield a few tips in terms of new massage creams to try. Another way to gather a list of new massage creams you would like to test out is by doing some of your own research online. Peruse the listings of massage creams that are on the market, and take a good look at their ingredients, their manufacturing processes, packaging and any details about the consistency of these massage creams.

Once you have compiled a list of potential new massage creams, your next step should be to see if you can get free samples of these massage creams from the manufacturer. Most companies are happy to ship a few free samples to professional massage therapists and bodyworkers.

If you can’t get free samples of the massage creams you would like to try, then see if the manufacturer sells a smaller trial size. Once you have your new massage cream candidates on hand, it is time to use a little trial and error to find out if one of them can serve as an even better lubricant than your current massage cream.

Line up a few fortunate volunteers for mini-sessions, in which you can try using your touch techniques with the various massage creams.

–Brandi Schlossberg