Real Bodywork has launched a Muscle Trigger Points application for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This application, which costs $2.99, serves as a reference for the most common trigger points and referral patterns for more than 70 muscles.

It features 100-plus trigger points with their corresponding referral patterns. Each muscle includes the visual referral pattern and point location, plus a written muscle action, referral and comments for each muscle. Users can choose to view each muscle individually, or use the zones view to see all muscles that refer into a specific area, a great help in discovering the source of pain.

Trigger points are tight places in a muscle that cause pain to be felt elsewhere in the body. This is ideal for massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors or anyone wanting to discover the source of muscular pain and learn about muscle function.

Real Bodywork is dedicated to making beautiful, informative and clear instructional DVDs for the massage community. Since 1998, Real Bodywork has consistently produced DVDs that are well-received and respected worldwide.

Access the Muscle Trigger Points application here: