Turbocharge the Massage Continuing Education Experience, MASSAGE MagazineFor most massage therapists and bodyworkers, taking continuing education classes is almost always a good thing. Even if you are required to take a certain continuing education class, whether by your employer or regional governing board, there should be rewards to reap through the experience. However, beyond the basic benefits of continuing education classes in general, there are ways to turbocharge your next foray into continuing education, in order to derive even more worth from the time and money you invest in taking the class.

For starters, we will focus on those massage therapists and bodyworkers who may be a bit limited when it comes to which continuing education classes they must take. This type of dictated continuing education tends to occur in places where the field of touch therapy is regulated by a state or regional governing board. However, some employers or professional organizations may also have requirements around the kind of continuing education courses you must complete.

For practitioners who do not have much freedom of choice when it comes to the content of their next continuing education class, taking steps to turbocharge the experience can be a wonderful idea. This way, even if the continuing education course is not one you would have chosen on your own, it can still become a beneficial and enjoyable experience. In fact, believing that it can and will be a positive process is one of the best ways to boost the benefits of continuing education.

In other words, to begin the turbocharging process, start with an attitude check. Be sure to stay open-minded about the continuing education course and be on the lookout for any and all benefits the experience may bring. The reason this works so well is because it serves to take you out of the negative mindset that could cloud your perception and cause you to miss out on all the upsides of continuing education.

One such upside is the chance to spend time with your colleagues and peers in the profession of massage therapy and bodywork. In this industry, unless you work for an employer with a large staff of other practitioners, much time is spent alone in a quiet session room with clients. Therefore, the chance to meet and get to know other people in your profession can be one of the greatest gifts of the continuing education experience—and it is a gift that is available no matter what kind of continuing education class you are required to take.

For the legions of massage therapists and bodyworkers who do have some freedom of choice when it comes to the nature of their continuing education, turbocharging the experience can be even easier. The first two steps—staying positive and taking advantage of the opportunity to network with your peers—certainly still apply. However, the first step for these massage therapists is to consider which continuing education class will most benefit their careers and stoke their enthusiasm.