ANTWERP, June 9 /PRNewswire/ — Motivated by their search for a more healthy and serene lifestyle, Chantal Voets and Karin Schwithal, who have been friends since their early childhood, opened the virtual doors of their AmanVida web shop. Worldwide, they select exceptional natural products, which contribute to healthier living with respect for the producer and for nature. That resulted in a beautiful, user-friendly internet store.

AmanVida, which means ‘serene living’, offers organic food, natural body care products and decorative cosmetics, ecological materials and vegetable cleaning products,… with an emphasis on organic, fair trade, ethics, sustainability, purity and planet-friendliness. The enterprising friends say ‘no’ to starving wages, child labour and chemical and other dubious ingredients.

Chantal Voets: “Consumerism and mega supply often prevent us from living healthy and serene. There are other interests involved other than health and respect for nature. With AmanVida, we want to set a clear organic threshold. You can absolutely trust products offered at AmanVida.”

Karin Schwithal: “Take for example, the natural fair trade soaps of Dr. Bronner. New in Europe. Organic market leader in the US and Japan. You can brush your teeth, shower, wash your car, floor and dog with it. Eminem, Drew Barrymore, Bobbi Brown and Sandra Bullock swear by these soaps.”

The website offers a clear product description, a list of ingredients and transparent delivery costs. Honest and clear, just like the products themselves. The customer testimonials will convince new buyers of the two friends mission.

Chantal Voets: “From the Amanprana-range, we offer, among others, extra virgin Cocos, olive and red palm oil. And also the Okinawa Omega-3,6,7,9 oils. An absolute world premiere is the 100 percent edible body oil. The motto: ‘If you cannot eat it, do not apply it on your skin.’ Exceptional in a world where cosmetics are managed by chemistry and pharmaceutics.”

Karin Schwithal: “We offer exceptional natural products like the fantastic extensive range of GreenPeople. From sun cream lotion to cellulite gel. But also the natural make-up of Couleur Caramel, the Neal’s Yard Remedies, Weleda and some 20 more brands. The product range is expanding: biological candles, bio-cotton clothes, table and bed linen, exclusive gift ideas. Come visit us on a regular basis.”

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