Woman VitaminsChicago, Illinois — Based on the common sense approach that “no two people have the same diet, family history or lifestyle,” Romy Block, M.D., and Arielle Levitan, M.D., are changing the way women take multivitamins. After years of advising patients about the proper supplements to take, these physicians realized their patients’ needs were not being met by standard off-the-shelf supplements.

Recent controversies have called into question the effectiveness of certain vitamins. However, these doctors believe that the reported lack of effect is due to people not taking the right vitamins. From there, Vous Vitamin, LLC, was founded. Now women can share their personal history in order to be advised on one daily, safe and well-balanced supplement for their individual needs. Just in time for a spring refresh and refocus, Vous Vitamin proudly launched on April 15.

After completing a personal profile diagnostic to “Find Your Vous,” the Vous Vitamin website uses this information to determine the vitamins suitable for each woman’s lifestyle. The questions are comprehensive, including inquiries about age, sun exposure, stage of life, chronic diseases, diet, exercise and, most importantly, personal concerns and symptoms. From there, Vous Vitamin’s website serves as a one-stop portal to directly purchase personalized supplements tailored to an individual’s needs. The site is also rich with information about the latest research and health trends, conveyed via the Vous Vitamin blog.

“I always wondered what vitamins I was supposed to take and what was safe,” says Gina Bianchini, CEO of social media platform Mightybell and health enthusiast. “Vous Vitamin made it so easy and gave me a vitamin that was just right for me.”

In addition to daily multivitamins, Vous Vitamin currently offers three Situational Supplements, blends of key nutrients intended for occasional use in specific situations.

  • Immune Blast serves as a boost – whether it’s cold and flu season or someone is experiencing lethargy and fatigue, the optimal blend of Vitamins C, D3 and zinc helps support the immune system, so that white blood cells function optimally and fend off disease.
  • The Power Up blend aids in the prepping for and/or recovering from a big work out or intense activity. A blend of B Vitamins, potassium and other essentials, Power Up offers muscle and nerve support. This supplement is best taken before or after an intense workout or stressful event.
  • Recovery Act helps do just that – recover. This Situational Supplement allows the user to defend against dehydration, electrolyte depletion and other toxic effects of too much alcohol or not enough sleep. This blend uses thiamine, folic acid and magnesium to support the body before and after a special event.

Vous Vitamin recognizes that not only is each woman unique in her daily needs, but different days call for different supplements. In addition to the current three Situational Supplements, others  are currently in development such as formulations for sleep and PMS.

“We developed the Vous Vitamin system after years of advising our patients on what supplements to take or not to take and the nutrients required for optimal health,” Levitan said. “We have found that the standard multivitamin does not suffice. It tends to be heavy in some potentially harmful ingredients and often lacking in vitamins we find to be important. Naturally, women are often seeking advice on the best supplements to take in order to perform at their peak potential – at home, at work or in the gym – to simply be at their best. With the Vous line of daily and Situational Supplements, they can. We give them an easy, efficient way to find out exactly what will be right for their individual needs.”

About Vous Vitamin

Vous Vitamin was developed to find the individual combination of nutrients that is ideal for each woman at a given time in her life. After a woman takes a brief series of online questions, the Vous Vitamin system provides her with the right daily multivitamin for her unique needs. Manufactured in the USA, all Vous supplements are freshly made, gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO and void of any meat products. They are fresh packed and offer a delivery time of about 5-7 days from date of purchase. The supplements are designed and built to standards defined by Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are GMP certified. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully monitored and subjected to an elaborate sequence of quality checks to ensure the highest industry standard. Find Your Vous. For more information please visit www.vousvitamin.com.