09.23.14_TxPlanner photo_CCTUCSON, Ariz. — Julie Goodwin, LMT, announces the launch of TxPlanner: Mobile Pathology for Bodyworkers, a free treatment planning site available on any device with Internet access. TxPlanner (Treatment Planner) provides access to reliable, continually updated treatment planning information about hundreds of health conditions and medications for practitioners, students, instructors, clinics and bodywork consumers.

“My goal in creating TxPlanner was to provide accurate, immediate information for practitioners in the moment,” Goodwin said. “I talk to massage therapists working in a variety of settings who have been presented with clients who’ve been diagnosed with conditions they’ve never heard of or studied, and they’re rightly concerned about providing safe care for these clients. Most practitioners have not encountered a client with anhydrosis, for example, and don’t know which techniques might be contraindicated.”

“By using TxPlanner on a PC, laptop, tablet or cell phone with Internet access, the practitioner can quickly locate the information that ensures safe, effective treatment,” she continued. “TxPlanner content is continually edited and updated, and I welcome user feedback and requests for additional topics.”

Health conditions described on TxPlanner range from acne to whiplash and include chronic diseases, musculoskeletal conditions and injuries. Descriptions of medical treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and dialysis, and their possible side effects, along with bodywork treatment planning considerations are also available.

For each health condition entry, TxPlanner describes the etiology and contagion status; typical signs and symptoms; likely medications and possible side effects; therapeutic intentions, and assessments; and audible English pronunciations. Links to relevant images are embedded, as well.

Medication entry information includes definitions of a range of classes of medications, along with names and possible side effects of the most commonly prescribed brand and generic drugs for the listed health conditions. Links to www.drugs.com and www.webmd.com/drugs allow easy access to additional medication information.

“I spent the more than two years evolving a pathology textbook manuscript into website content that’s easy to access and to read, and I chose practitioners and instructors from around the country to review and offer advice during the long process of researching and writing TxPlanner,” Goodwin said. “I realized early on that recommending specific modalities or techniques wouldn’t be helpful. I can’t know what training or tools each user might have, so I chose instead to address therapeutic intentions for each specific health condition, encouraging the user to decide which tools will accomplish these intentions.”

“Also, as a longtime massage school instructor, I know how much a non-native English speaker benefits from hearing audible English pronunciations, so I made a point to include this feature for each condition name,” she added. “Most important, though, because I want to reach the greatest number of practitioners possible, TxPlanner is free to users, and is supported by welcoming bodywork industry advertisers”.

TxPlanner is free to users. Register at www.txplanner.org.

About Julie Goodwin

Julie Goodwin, LMT, is a graduate of Kent State University and the Desert Institute of the Healing Arts. Her 28-year practice has focused on elders, women during the childbirth year and people in treatment for cancer, using integrated Swedish, craniosacral and reflexology techniques. She is the author of Touch & Movement: Palpation and Kinesiology for Massage Therapists (Cengage: 2013) and numerous journal articles. Goodwin was a workshop presenter at the 2013 AMTA National Convention and the 2014 AMTA Schools Summit and is an NCBTMB-Approved Provider. A long time bodywork educator, Goodwin currently teaches at Pima Community College in Tucson, Arizona. For additional information, visit www.juliegoodwinlmt.com.