kennebrewAuthor Versandra Kennebrew will address massage therapy professionals at Le Rendez-vous, a four-day conference in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada, Oct. 10-13, presented by Julie Eyelom School of Massage and Spa Shamballa.

SAINT-EUSTACHE, Quebec, Canada — While they’re on the road to success, it’s common for entrepreneurs to wonder if they have what it takes to win in business. Versandra Kennebrew (pictured), author of Thank God for the Shelter: Memoirs of a Homeless Healer and The Soul of a Winner: Five True Stories of Success, knows firsthand that starting and sustaining a business is difficult and fraught with obstacles. With determination and creativity, however, every challenge can be overcome to succeed.

Kennebrew, a veteran massage therapist and holistic health coach, offers practical tips and techniques to help therapists map their success. A savvy, multi-dimensional, healing artist, she provides a roadmap for making your big dream a reality. She shares her personal story, as well as “success-isms” from other business owners who have overcome insurmountable odds. She hopes to encourage and inspire budding visionaries to run the race with courage and power to win.

Kennebrew, who operates Versandra Kennebrew International and has offices in Detroit and Atlanta, will speak at the 3rd Annual Le Rendez-vous Conference, Oct. 10-13, at the Le’Oasis de l’ile Health Inn & Spa in Saint-Eustache, Quebec, Canada.

The event is presented by Julie Eyelom School of Massage and Spa Shamballa. Eyelom and Kennebrew were budding massage therapists when they met in a chat room on MySpace 10 years ago. They finally met in person a few years later when Julie travelled from Montreal, Quebec, to Detroit, Michigan, to attend Kennebrew’s Art of Touch Instructor Training and become the first international Touch Is Great Ambassador. Through mutual admiration, they became friends and business associates. Eyelom is committed to providing personal, spiritual and business development to massage therapists.

“In school we learn the therapeutic skills but not the life skills and all that surrounds our profession, such as marketing, personal and spiritual development or business development,” Eyelom said. “Rendezvous equips us on all levels of our vocation as therapists that are not necessarily taught in school. This is also the time to network and share ideas.”

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