U.S. Preventive Medicine®, the leader in disease prevention services, today applauded U.S. President Barack Obama™s call for modernizing the health care system by investing in prevention initiatives aimed at controlling costs and improving the health of Americans.

President Obama, in remarks at the White House Forum on Health Reform, said it is imperative the nation take action now to bring down exploding health care costs that further threaten the foundation of the economy. He called for investment in prevention as a component of comprehensive health care reform needed by the end of the year.

It is heartening that the time has finally come when preventive care is moving to the center of the national spotlight. We can only ˜bend the trend™ of skyrocketing costs by investing in intelligent prevention solutions today, before tomorrow comes and brings even higher costs, said Christopher Fey, CEO and Chairman of U.S. Preventive Medicine. This nation can™t continue business as usual.

U.S. Preventive Medicine, an emerging leader in prevention, offers a suite of powerful prevention, early disease detection and chronic condition management programs, including its groundbreaking The Prevention Plan„, that improve health outcomes while reducing health care costs. The Prevention Plan is the first-of-its kind benefit concept solely focused on preventive care, enabling individuals to determine their top health risks and receive a customized plan and ongoing personal attention to lower those risks and become healthier.

We know money and lives can be saved through prevention because we have implemented successful wellness and chronic care management programs in the private and public sectors for several years, Fey said. President Obama™s call for bold prevention programs is a platform we must all support.

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U.S. Preventive Medicine®, a privately-owned global prevention services company with clients nationwide and internationally, provides primary, secondary and tertiary clinical prevention services to government, employers and consumers that are data-driven and outcomes-oriented. Company products include the world™s first preventive health benefit, The Prevention Plan„, available to buy or test drive at www.USPreventiveMedicine.com and www.ThePreventionPlan.com.