by Randi Drinkwater

Understanding Return-on-Investment Marketing, MASSAGE MagazineReturn-on-investment (ROI) marketing will mean the difference between getting that new massage client for your alternative and integrative health-care practice or not. Ultimately, ROI marketing will deliver new clients to your practice who are ready to engage in the wellness process now.

Every marketing dollar you spend on ROI marketing is equal to income—real income for your practice or some other agreed upon return that adds value to your practice. Maybe you just want potential clients to know they have choices when it comes to wellness, or maybe you want them to know you are conveniently located in case they should desire the services you offer.

Who should do ROI marketing?

Any practice that is looking to drive sales (or some other agreed upon value-add) with existing or new clients from the money they spend on marketing.

What is ROI marketing?

A unique, highly analytical and strategically focused approach designed to identify highly-qualified prospects that are ready to buy your product or service now.

When should you do ROI marketing?

  • As often as your marketing resources permit. The more times you get someone’s attention, the more apt he or she is to remember you when the need arises for your services or products.
  • During key cyclical periods as deemed appropriate by your modality. Perhaps you see a lot of athletic types who are looking to be their best during the swim or golf season. Depending on the climate in your area, you’ll know just when to reach out to those golfers and swimmers.
  • During key events that impact your modality and bring key decision makers together as a captive audience for your practice. Wellness conferences are becoming more mainstream than ever before. Keep in mind if you don’t keep an ongoing rapport with existing clients, one of your competitors might.

Have you ever sat in your office and wondered how you were going to survive the downtime in your practice? If so, take a proactive marketing approach. In the long haul, this approach will make sure your phone rings on a consistent basis.

Randi Drinkwater, MASSAGE MagazineFor more than 25 years, Randi Drinkwater has successfully spearheaded high-impact marketing solutions for such global companies as IBM, Cisco Systems and WorldCom/MCI/UUNet. Today, Drinkwater resides as CEO for Alternative Growth Streams, ( a marketing-membership website designed exclusively to empower alternative and integrative health-care practitioners to grow their practices and get more patients/clients. She is well known and respected throughout the industry and is the recipient of the “BPAA Atlanta Peach” and “Southeast Addy” award for marketing excellence.