Vitamin E specialist, A.C. Grace Company’s new, natural moisturizer voted top skin-care product by two industry groups

Big Sandy, TX 19, March, 2010 – A.C. Grace Company has announced its UNIQUE E® NATURAL MOISTURIZER product has been awarded top honors in the “Skin Care” category from both Best of Natural Beauty Awards and Best of Expo 2010 Awards.

“Our natural moisturizer was four years in the making as we testing multiple formulas,” says Lyn Capps, president of A.C. Grace. “In keeping with our mission to provide pure, natural products to the market, we wanted to make sure that all of the ingredients in this product were food grade, natural products that would benefit the skin health of our customers who have been using our UNIQUE E® line of vitamin E products for almost 50 years, and new customers who understand the benefits of Vitamin E in their diets and on their skin.” 

“The key base ingredient in UNIQUE E® NATURAL MOISTURIZER is 10 percent (by volume) of our PREMIER product, UNIQUE E® MIXED TOCOPHEROLS, which is a nonsynthetic, natural form of High gamma-, High alpha-tocopherol concentrate including all four tocopherol isomers (alpha, beta, gamma and delta). The unadulterated purity of the vitamin E oil keeps the ingredients from separating like other cosmetic products that use lesser quality vitamin E,” Capps continued. “It is our understanding that this product contains the highest amount of vitamin E in any cosmetic product to date!” 

The ingredients in UNIQUE E® NATURAL MOISTURIZER use a proprietary matrix-structure-formulation created specifically to bind the emollient ingredients with the antioxidant rich vitamin E, and provide time-release “hang-time” on the skin of up to seven hours. This matrix structure provides four key areas of natural benefit to the skin: moisturizing, absorption, elasticity and oxygenation.

Along with the recognized benefits to the skin from topical application of pure vitamin E products, clinical studies show powerful correlation to oral ingestion of vitamin E along with application to the skin—benefits from the “inside-out” and the “outside in!” 

“We are thrilled to be recognized by our peers in the cosmeceuticals industry, just as we have been for decades in the dietary supplement industry,” concluded Capps. “We just want to make sure our core of dedicated, knowledgeable customers can continue knowing that A.C. Grace Company will always provide the ‘best’ products available!” 

A.C. Grace Company was founded 1962 and is well-known as the standard in the vitamin E industry. They have been providing thousands of health-care professionals in all fields of practice, their patients and tens of thousands of consumers worldwide, a line of pure Multi-E products for nearly a half-century. The company also provides extensive education about the “Truth About Vitamin E by Application Based Science” through mailings and on its website,