Univera LogoSeattle, Wash. — Univera Inc., a natural supplement company founded in 1999 by Bill Lee, recently launched Aloe Select Private Reserve, a supplemental Aloe vera liquid concentrate providing the traditional digestive and immune benefits of aloe with increased beneficial polysaccharides, backed by scientific support.

Within the first month of sales, the product proved to be a top performer within Univera’s family of health and wellness supplements.

“We’ve always been an Aloe company at our core,” said Tom Zimmer, president and CEO of Univera Inc. “In fact, our very origins can be credited to the life-changing experience our founder attributes to his use of supplemental Aloe. Through perfection of farming techniques and honing the science and manufacturing processes, our experience in the field of Aloe enables us to introduce the most advanced form of Aloe on the market — and we’re very proud.”

Unlike basic Aloe vera gels and juices, the scientists at Univera, in conjunction with their sister farming, R&D and manufacturing companies, have patented a method that allows them to standardize and verify the amount of polysaccharides in each batch of Aloe Select. Polysaccharides are the most important, bioactive molecular compounds of the Aloe vera plant to which the powerful immune, digestion, nutrient absorption and skin health benefits are attributed.

Univera sent samples of Aloe Select, along with four comparable liquid Aloe vera products from leading competitors, to an independent third-party lab specializing in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Spectroscopy. NMR allows chemists to investigate and identify the properties of organic molecules. The analysis revealed that Aloe Select delivers more than three timesthe amount of polysaccharides than the nextleadingcompetitor. Moreover, competing products were chock full of fillers, sweeteners and preservatives.

“Aloe is one of those historically medicinal plants that’s widely accepted as beneficial,” Zimmer said. “But the general consumer doesn’t really know how or whyAloe is effective, particularly within the body as opposed to topically. With Aloe Select, we intend to really get the polysaccharide message out there. Not only explaining that polysaccharides are what makes Aloe work, but that we have a product that has a standardized amount in every batch.”


About Univera

Univera Inc. is a leader in the natural products industry delivering high quality, life-changing health products to hundreds of thousands of customers across North America. A part of the ECONET family of companies, Univera is fully integrated from farm to family – growing, discovering, developing and manufacturing its products with an intense commitment to naturally derived compounds, advanced biological research and quality control. As a relationship marketing company, Univera also provides a lucrative financial opportunity that rewards people for sharing the gift of health with others, creating a successful business model of people helping people to enhance their vitality and prosperity.