Universal CompaniesAbingdon, VA— Known in the spa industry for its all-inclusive annual Spa Resource Book, Universal Companies has now delivered The Spa Inspiration Book. This first ever book is a completely different source of ideas — an assortment of distinctive protocols, savvy business solutions and treatment tips gathered throughout the years from educators, industry experts, Universal Companies staff and customers. The Spa Inspiration Book will be available in August 2014.

“Our hope is that this book serves as a muse rather than just a resource for products,” Universal Companies CEO Brenda Elliott said. “In our search for products and solutions for our customers, we are continually inspired by a vast array of ideas and protocols that we are now excited to share in The Spa Inspiration Book, a limited edition containing practical, unique approaches to grow your business. This book is designed to be enjoyed leisurely — to be leafed through while soaking in the tub, enjoying a glass of wine or reclining on the couch after a long work day.” 

Readers will be inspired by more than 40 protocols for skin care, massage and body treatments, as well as for manicures, pedicures and waxing. Protocols include menu description, an equipment and supplies checklist, “What You’ll Need” (professional products) and “What They’ll Want” (recommended retail products), as well as cost, suggested price and time required per treatment.

Other highlights of The Spa Inspiration Book include 80+ helpful Spa Insider Tips, Treatment Menu Ideas and links to relevant articles, plus information about Universal Companies’ online eLearning, CEU courses and schools programs.

“Businesses are about dreams, hopes, inspiration and passion,” Elliott added. “By sharing more of what we’ve discovered from spa experts around the globe, we are offering not only products, but also inspiration that enables our customers to provide greater value.”

The Spa Inspiration Book is designed to work in concert with The Spa Resource Book, published in February. When readers find a brand that interests them in The Spa Resource Book, they can look in The Spa Inspiration Book to find out exactly how to incorporate it into their spa treatment menu.

The Spa Resource Book has always included tips to make running spa and salon businesses easier,” Marti Morenings, Universal Companies founder & CEO, said. “In The Spa Inspiration Book, we’ve gone further and added treatment ideas and retail suggestions. We hope our customers will be inspired to find the full protocols and other helpful information on our website.”  

About Universal Companies

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