After an hour or even a half-hour session of massage therapy or another form of hands-on bodywork, many clients report feeling as if they could sleep forever. Although this is quite a compliment to the massage therapist or bodyworker, it may not be the best feeling for the client, who has to climb out from beneath warm covers on a soft massage table or get up from any other utterly relaxed position.

For the sake of your clients, you may want to ask each one whether they prefer to be somewhat rejuvenated at the end of a session, or if they are content to be completely relaxed, even if that means sort of sleepy, all the way through. The choice each client makes would likely be based on whatever activity he or she had planned following the massage or bodywork.

For instance, if one client planned to go straight home after the massage to take a bath and a nap, prolonging the relaxation as much as possible, she would not likely want to be made too alert at the end of the session. However, another client might be planning for a big date following massage, so he would likely want to be at least slightly rejuvenated and refreshed before he walked out the door to get ready.

One great way to end any massage or bodywork session on the perfect note is by employing aromatherapy. Whether you use just a touch or a tad bit more, specialized scents can add a whole new level to your work and help to achieve client goals much faster.

Use top quality essential oils if you do choose to weave aromatherapy into your work, as these oils are the most powerful and contain natural (not synthetic) substances. The aromas can be dispelled in myriad ways, from a diffuser that rests on a table in the massage room to a few drops on a cotton ball that’s waved in front of the client’s face.

Another method of employing essential oils involves rubbing a couple drops between the palms of your hands and asking the client to take a deep breath, as you hold your palms above his or her face.

You also may wish to mix the essential oil with water in a spray bottle and mist the lovely mix over your client at the end of the session, to leave her feeling refreshed. Of course, including a couple drops of your chosen aroma in a massage cream or lubricant is another great way to work scent into your sessions.

In order to give your clients the option of a little added alertness and rejuvenation at the end of a massage, make sure you have essential oils on hand that are known to invigorate. These include geranium, lavender, lemon and rosemary, among many others.

Take your time to research which essential oils will best help you achieve the desired effect, whether it be uplifting each client or relaxing them further—or a little bit of both. Most of this research can be done online or with a quality aromatherapy text.

—Brandi Schlossberg