SAN DIEGO, CA, Dec 03, 2008 (MARKET WIRE via COMTEX) — US Farms Inc., discussed today what impact the recently announced recession in the US by the National Bureau of Economic Research will have on its Farming and Nursery businesses going forward into 2009.

Yan K. Skwara, CEO of US Farms Inc., stated, “Worldwide market volatility has certainly affected financing in our business as a publicly traded company; however, on the flip side, our fundamental business is growing and the opportunity to prosper and grow as a Farming and Nursery company tomorrow could not be more exciting. The growing side of our business is where we have identified niche crop and plant products with high profit margins. Consumers are spending dollars today but obviously spending at a slower and more cautious pace. With that being said, we feel that consumers who are spending dollars in the Nursery departments of America are still content to spend dollars in the $5-$30 range on a variety of different plants for their homes and offices to brighten up the day in these difficult times.”

Skwara continued, “Currently, the Nursery and Greenhouse Industry represents approximately 15 Billion nationally in sales. US Farms Inc., operates out of one of the largest Farming and Nursery hotbeds in the US where the climate for growing plants and crops is excellent year round in Southern California. This obviously gives us a major advantage over the competition from a quality and pricing standpoint as inventory levels can be maintained throughout the year. Consumers want to feel good in these difficult times and our Aloe Plants, Jade Plants and other Indoor and Exterior foliage are retail and mail order products that consumers are very accustomed to purchasing in today’s environment as gardening continues to be one of the top leisure time activities in the US today.”

Skwara further stated, “The Farming and Nursery business is obviously in the green space and consumers know the importance of supporting and buying into green companies. As the population worldwide continues to increase, food demand will also increase. Growing and selling multiple crops, plants and related products will continue to be a solid business to be vested in and committed too in both the short and long term future.”

About US Farms, Inc.
US Farms Inc., is a diversified commercial Farming and Nursery company. The company currently grows, markets and distributes horticultural products through a number of its wholly owned subsidiaries. US Farms, Inc. is currently one of the largest domestic growers of Aloe Vera, growing well over 6 million pounds annually. The company plans to further its vertically integrating path by moving into the marketing and sales of Aloe Vera based products. The company’s products are sold through supermarkets, home centers, retail merchandisers, garden centers, mail order, direct sales, re-wholesalers, and landscapers throughout the United States and Canada. Through internal growth and strategic acquisitions the company is expanding its market share in its businesses.
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