When the Massage Bar opened some of the first massage clinics in airports in 1994, founder Cary Cruea couldn’t know how successfully her creation would take off—and spawn imitators. Today, massage and spa services are found in most major airports.

In a Nov. 3 article, USA TODAY reported on the proliferation of such businesses. In “From spas to massages, airports offer stress relief on the fly,” the daily national newspaper’s Harriet Baskas wrote, “[T]those seeking relief from the tensions of travel have an expanding choice of more soothing options: In addition to sports bars and wine bars, more and more airports are now home to massage bars, oxygen bars and places to get pampered.”

The article mentioned several of the businesses, including: Elemis Travel Spa at John F. Kennedy International Airport; XpresSpa, with several airport locations; d_parture Spa, in Newark and Orlando; OraOxygen, in Detroit and Canada; Knot Anymore, with several locations; Destination Relaxation at the Baltimore/Washington airport; the Back Rub Hub in Chicago; the Relax Station in Portland; and A Massage in Denver.