Many massage therapists and bodyworkers dread marketing. They would prefer to spend their time providing clients with healing, hands-on techniques and assisting these clients in their quest for overall health. However, marketing is far from a dirty word. It is marketing that will help bring these clients in the door and also keep them coming back for more of your services.

The key to marketing the work you do in your massage therapy or bodywork practice is to make your marketing efforts truly relevant to what you do, so you feel authentic in reaching out for new customers, with the intention to provide more healing to more people, rather than simply to boost your bottom line.

This may come as a surprise, but a wonderful place to focus some of your marketing efforts is on your massage creams. Massage creams can provide the perfect selling point to help make your massage therapy and bodywork services stand out. Take a look at the massage creams you’re currently using, as well as what other massage creams are available, and use these lubricants to spur a creative marketing brainstorm.

For example, if your go-to massage cream is one that is free of fragrances, free of synthetic ingredients, hypoallergenic and all natural, then create a marketing angle to play up the fact that you perform your massage therapy or bodywork sessions with a high-quality, completely natural massage cream. If you fail to mention this to clients, then they will have no idea of the added value you bring to each session by choosing to use a safe and natural massage cream.

If you happen to use a massage cream that is entirely organic—from the ingredients it contains to the way those ingredients were grown, harvested and processed—then this can be another great selling point for your massage therapy and bodywork clients. In your marketing materials, from advertisements to brochures to online information, be sure to let people know about the high-quality massage cream you use and how you strive to support healthier people and a healthier planet.

As you can see, the kind of massage cream you keep on hand in your massage therapy or bodywork practice can provide a great way to begin marketing your true services, in a way that simply lets clients know about all the benefits of booking an appointment with you, hitting on each value point you provide. A top-quality massage cream is one of those value points.

Of course, most massage therapists and bodyworkers like to keep more than one kind of massage cream in the cabinet of their session space, which means you most likely have more than one beneficial massage cream to let your clients know about in your marketing outreach materials.

Another way in which massage creams can bring added value to your practice is through sales and samples. If you believe in a product, such as your favorite line of massage creams, there is nothing wrong with making them available to your clients for at home care. In addition, providing a small sample of massage cream to new clients is a great way to keep them coming back for more of your hands-on services.

–Brandi Schlossberg