To complement the MASSAGE Magazine article, “Market Sample Sessions: A 5-Part Plan,” by Shelene Taylor, in the July 2012 issue. Article summary: You might have just discovered a fabulous new treatment option—such as a luscious facial massage or hydrating foot treatment—or invested in a paraffin-dip bath or sauna. Any add-on service will make a great addition to your menu, but being able to offer this new technique or service is just one step on the path toward success. Once you incorporate this new service offering into your practice, your first goal is to get clients to try it.

by Jane Irving

Facebook is a powerful tool that can provide you with the resources needed to drive traffic to your massage practice. With the implementation of the new Facebook Timeline, you have more options than ever to grab the attention of your clients and offer your massage services before and after the sale.

It is wise to avoid being a pushy salesperson on your page, as this will send a negative impression.

A great tool to use that will prohibit this pushy behavior is offering the occasional deal; just don’t overdo it. With the new highlight feature, you can spotlight a great deal that will give you a better chance of enticing your fans. You can highlight each post you make from your page. The highlight feature is located on the upper right corner of each post you make, and is in the shape of a star. Once you click the star, it highlights the post, making it span both columns in the new Timeline setup. This adds visual appeal and attention-grabbing power to posts you want to stand out from the everyday content.

Don’t be afraid to be aggressive with your deals. So often, you see these 10-percent and 20-percent discounts that really do little to inspire new clients or return customers. That 30-percent or even 50-percent off your massage services you offered could very well turn into a monthly or weekly client.

Never underestimate the power of interaction on your Facebook fan page. The ideas to pull in active users are limitless. Try asking questions like, “What type of music do you prefer to listen to while receiving a massage?” Pay attention and make notes on these clients, so you can offer that personalized effect for them next time they are on your table.

With the window of visibility shrinking on Facebook by the second, it is crucial to get likes and comments to circulate your content. What we mean by this is, Facebook’s new relevancy ranking of content is making posts with low customer traffic, losing visibility. Basically, with Facebook’s implementation of the new ads and the competitive nature of the platform, if your page is posting once a day and you are only getting one or two likes per post, the fans who are not regularly commenting or liking your posts will see less of your content show up in their news feed. If you think simply typing in a message and walking away will suffice, you are misinformed.

The less interaction a user has with your page means fewer of your posts will show up in their news feed. Not only is it crucial for your content to show up in their feed, the more active they are with your page will mean the more likely your content will not only show up in their feed, it will also show up in their friends’ feeds as well. Think about whether you witnessed a friend of yours interacting in a positive manner with a business; this, of course, would encourage you to do business with that entity as well, right?

Remember to pay attention to your clients and use all information gathered from every source possible to give them a personalized and more memorable experience. This will not only make your clients happy, it will mean a more successful business venture.

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