Next time you are shopping for a massage cream for your professional massage or bodywork practice, be sure to employ your senses on the search for the best-possible massage cream for you and your clients. The two key senses you will want and need to use as you seek out the most suitable massage cream are the senses of touch and smell.

Of course, in order to employ the senses of touch and smell on the quest for a high quality and appealing massage cream, you will need to be able to handle the cream, which means you need to acquire samples, or purchase a small amount, before you buy a large quantity of this massage cream.

Begin your quest for the best-possible massage cream by searching online, reading the product description and ingredient list for various massage creams, and also looking for any reviews of the massage cream from other professional massage therapists and bodyworkers. In this way, you should be able to come up with a small list of massage creams you would like to put to the test.

As you go about this preliminary part of the search for your next massage cream, you may already have a few ideas in mind about what you do or do not want in a massage cream. Having one or two specific guidelines or requirements for your new massage cream can help narrow your search quite a bit.

For example, if you are certain you do not want a massage cream that has any kind of fragrance, whether it is an authentically natural fragrance or not, then you will be able to save time by skipping the online research of any massage creams that do contain a fragrance.

As another example, you may be certain that you do want a massage cream that contains an aroma—specifically, lavender essential oils. In this case, you could narrow your search and save time, because you would only be inspecting those massage creams that come with lavender essential oil.

Once you have your short list of candidates for a new massage cream, it is time to put those senses to work. Call or e-mail the manufacturer of each massage cream, and see if you can get a few free samples to try out on friends or family members. Another option is to buy a small amount of each of these massage creams.

With the actual massage creams in hand, you can begin using your senses of smell and touch to see if any one of these massage creams will fit the bill for regular use in your massage therapy or bodywork practice. Remember, the scent and texture of a massage cream not only affects you, but it also affects your clients. If you are testing the massage creams out on family members or friends, be sure to ask for their opinion on each product.