UVaCide Corp, an emerging leader in the medical technology industry, announced today that the company has secured a $6M round of capital led by Nexus Medical Partners.

Founded in 2004, UVaCide was formed to develop a series of innovative medical technology solutions utilizing next generation laser technologies. After years of comprehensive research into various light-based solutions by leading scientists, academic thought leaders and leading practitioners, UVaCide is currently poised to release its first laser solution for commercial use “ a solution that addresses toenail fungus.

We are delighted that Nexus Medical Partners, a top tier life sciences venture firm, has joined forces with us, said John Strisower, Founder and CEO of UVaCide. Nexus has extensive experience assisting emerging medical technology companies like UVaCide. Their willingness to become a significant investor in UVaCide provides an endorsement of our technology that we believe speaks for itself. Their experience and leadership will be instrumental as we begin the revenue acquisition/market acquisition stage of our business development.

In addition to its unique solution for toenail fungus, UVaCide has a number of other solutions in various stages of R&D, prototyping and clinical studies, including periodontitis and others.

For more information about UVaCide, please visit our website at www.uvacide.com or contact:

John Strisower, CEO (530) 571-5575 or john@uvacide.com

Skip Phairas, COO (530) 571-5575 or skip@uvacide.com

About UVaCide

Founded in 2004, UVaCide Corp is an emerging medical technology company with headquarters in Northern California. UVaCide has assembled a world-class group of top scientists, academic thought leaders and leading practitioners from around the US and Canada to develop and bring to market a new generation of laser technology solutions that address a series of topical and internal medical issues.

While UVaCide™s initial solution now going to market addresses the pathogens causing toenail fungus (Onychomycosis), their product pipeline consists of laser technology solutions in various stages of development for periodontal disease and others. Eventually, UVaCide plans to use its patented laser technologies for more complex problems, such as blood borne and respiratory infections that today are often life threatening.

About Nexus Medical Partners

Nexus Medical Partners is a private equity firm with headquarters outside Boston, MA that specializes in making private equity investments in and providing strategic assistance to medical technology and selected life science companies. Their current portfolio consists of more than 20 emerging companies in various stages of development in areas such as medical devices, diagnostics, biotechnology, specialty pharmaceutical and drug discovery tools.

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