The state of Vermont will not regulate massage therapists, at least at this point in time, according to an article published today in the Burlington Free Press newspaper.

The state Office of Professional Regulation issued a decision recommending the state not regulate massage therapists, the newspaper reported.

The American Massage Therapy Association’s Vermont chapter had been a driving force in the drive toward regulating massage therapists.

“The effort to push for regulation gained momentum last fall with proponents pointing out Vermont is the only New England state without regulation for massage therapists, and arguing that licensing would ensure the public that therapists understand enough about the physiology of the human body to do no harm … [p]roponents further argued that licensing would help to eliminate the prostitution that is sometimes a problem in the industry,” the newspaper stated. “But the state wrote in its recommendation that proponents of regulation had not shown a ‘real and recognizable’ harm being done to the public that would be remedied by regulation.”