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Vichy, known for its cutting-edge dermatological ingredients, is now at the forefront of technology by partnering with timeRAZOR to offer more services to busy consumers. With the new timeRAZOR app, users will be in the know on cool events happening close to where they work, live and are scheduled to be.

Life is a juggling act: busy days and busy nights leave people in a constant state of fear of missing out as they try to keep track of errands, special events, and even friends and loved ones. Enter timeRAZOR, the first never-miss-out platform for an increasingly busy and mobile world. timeRAZOR marries technological components like geolocation with its own massive event selection engine, including carefully selected exclusive experiences from Vichy.

  1. Download the free timeRAZOR app on an iPhone or Android : iTunes App Store or Android Market.
  2. Sign in using Facebook or e-mail.
  3. Enter home and work zip codes to receive alerts on Vichy Beauty Day as well as exciting events and offers happening in designated locations throughout the U.S.

More on timeRAZOR:

1. timeRAZOR synchonizes with events from users’ calendars (iCal, Gmail, etc.)

2. timeRAZOR’s massive event selection engine pulls suggestions for users from more than 300,000 events and happenings going on where they are and where they plan to be.

3. timeRAZOR’s Never-Miss-Out platform is launching with three main features:

  • smartEVENT – Shows users what’s happening around them at any given point during their day’s schedule, whether today or two weeks from now.
  • travelTIME – Monitors traffic conditions and sends an alert when it’s time to leave for the next appointment or event
  • easySHARE- Users can share what they’ve discovered easily via e-mail or SMS, or socially via Facebook and Twitter

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