CORONA DEL MAR, CA — (Marketwire) — 12/02/08 — In the face of financial challenges and depleting funds for education, World T’ai Chi Master David-Dorian Ross and Coach Jing-lin Wei are continuing their quest to raise the quality of T’ai Chi practice in America. High-level T’ai Chi instructors are rare, so students and teachers often wait for openings in small workshops and travel far to learn about this ancient Chinese discipline.

“When we started doing our scheduling for next year, we found that a lot of people were canceling their seminars because of the economy,” explains Ross. “We have been prosperous in our professions and would like to do our part to help the community in this time of financial hardship.” Ross and Wei are waiving their seminar fee, $4,000 to $6,000 per weekend, and hosts will only have to pay their travel costs.

There are several seminars in their series which can be tailored to any group of students. The “Mastering Flow — T’ai Chi for Beginner to Advanced” seminar is appropriate for anyone. In it students learn the Six T’ai Chi Principles of Flow; the essential exercises that help you practice them and a short mini-routine. “It’s a workshop students get a lot out of and take away with them no matter what their level is, even if they’ve never done T’ai Chi at all,” explains Ross.

Rather than an all-day seminar the coaches find that a three- to four-hour workshop per day is more successful. Hosts usually offer two short workshops in a weekend, a master class, a Friday night book signing and alecture on philosophy. For groups under 50 participants, either Ross or Weican attend. All workshops with over 50 participants are taught by both T’ai Chi experts.

Many organizations have already booked the seminars for upcoming dates and are being used for fundraising events, member incentives or to raise additional revenue. For more information on dates and availability please visit, or call 949-673-7705.

About David-Dorian Ross

World Champion T’ai Chi Master, author, renowned holistic wellness expertand Full Circle Fitness owner David-Dorian Ross. He is a seven-time U.S. National Gold Medalist in T’ai Chi, who also won two World bronze medals and a World silver medal. He helps clients learn the habits and techniques to champion their own lives. As a certified life coach who holds a degreein kinesiology, Ross brings more than 30 years of teaching and coaching experience to his work.

About Coach Jing-lin Wei

Wei has trained professionally in Wushu, a form of Chinese martial arts that exercises the body internally and externally, since the age of 13. He began his training under Chinese Wushu Master Kim-Bao Wang to learn the physical components of Wushu and then continued his studies of Wushu theoryand philosophy and all major forms of T’ai Chi and Ba Gua Fist under renowned professor Men Huei-Fong at the Beijing Sports University. Wei earned first place in an international T’ai Chi competition in China and he won three championships in straight sword, T’ai Chi sword, and Ba Gua Fistin the U.S. Wei has been teaching in the United States since 2003 and is dedicated to sharing his knowledge with Wushu students of all levels.