The Vitality health enhancement program, with a globally recognized, innovative, incentive-based approach, has been named the Most Effective Wellness/Integrated Care Program for 2008 by CDHC Solutions Magazine. Their annual Superstar Awards honor pioneers in health care. Vitality was recognized for significantly reducing health care costs for employers over more than a decade.

Vitality is the world™s longest standing, scientifically based health enhancement program. Since inception in 1997, it has been actuarially proven to improve health, reduce healthcare costs, and generate a positive return on investment (ROI) for corporations. It is the only program that offers a savings guarantee “ if an employer does not save more on claims than the cost of the program, Vitality will refund the difference.

The results are stellar:

  • Vitality members have 10-20% lower hospital admission and hospital stay rates in four common medical areas1
  • Claims from Vitality members are 10-15% lower than employees that don™t use Vitality2

To win this award and have the Vitality program recognized within the industry for successfully reducing employer health care costs is a very significant event for us, said Arthur C. Carlos, CEO of The Vitality Group. Our goal has always been to reduce health care costs by helping make employees healthier and keeping them out of the health care system in the first place.

According to Carlos, the Vitality program delivers on six key attributes that provide us the comfort to guarantee a positive ROI.

        1.   Personalization – a customized set of activities and goals for each individual based on their risk profile that will assist them in improving their health.
2. Affordable Access – tools and facilities to get healthier including educational tools, fitness infrastructure such as health clubs, lab testing facilities to assess risks and risk cessation programs to mitigate those risks.
3. Aspirational Incentives – a broad set of aspirational rewards to motivate the differing needs of an employee population.
4. Nondiscriminatory – providing all employees an equal opportunity to engage, regardless if they are healthy or sick.
5. Clinically and Actuarially Derived – targeting lifestyle behaviors that are proven to be both modifiable and directly linked to reducing healthcare costs.
6. Systematized – offering a robust program that is turnkey to employers and their employees, making it easy to bring the multiple facets required to drive engagement.

With more than 1.5 million members worldwide, Vitality integrates education, fitness, prevention and healthy living tools to encourage people to make smarter choices and rewards them for it”including cost savings, free merchandise, and other incentive programs. Vitality has forged partnerships with some of the most respected and recognized names in the health and wellness field. Members of Vitality enjoy robust perks through partnerships with Polar, Life Time Fitness, Curves, 24 Hour Fitness and other regional and local fitness facilities.

As employers in the U.S. rapidly embrace wellness programs, Vitality has increased its membership by over 55,000 in just the last two quarters. Major new U.S. clients including Alcon, AOL, and Lenovo, join clients in South Africa and the United Kingdom including Citibank, Coca-Cola, McDonalds, Microsoft, Nike, Oracle, and Samsung among others.

1,2 “ Findings result of independent evaluation by Harvard Medical School and University of Cape Town

About The Vitality Group

The Vitality Group, Inc. offers the innovative, incentive-based Vitality„ health enhancement program to organizations and their employees throughout North America. The Vitality program provides employees with personalized rewards for engaging in activities and adopting behaviors that result in lowered health risks. Vitality has been actuarially proven to improve health, reduce healthcare costs, and generate a positive return on investment (ROI) for corporations. It is the only program that offers a guarantee of positive ROI.

The Vitality Group is a member of Discovery Holdings Limited, a publicly traded company with over $3 billion in annual revenues, which pioneered the development of Vitality. With over 1.5 million members across the United States, United Kingdom and South Africa, Vitality is the most experienced incentive-based health enhancement program in the world. Early adopters in the United States include Alcon, AOL, Aspirus, General Growth Properties, and Lenovo. Clients in South Africa and the United Kingdom include Bloomberg, Citibank, Coca-Cola, Dell, Goldman Sachs, IBM, Kraft, McDonalds, Microsoft, MTV, Nike, Oracle, and Samsung. For more information, visit

Eileen Rochford for The Vitality Group