(Dec. 8, 2010) –  The Pink Cup Project has been accepted by the Pepsi Refresh Grant Program for the month of December and needs your vote! Vote each day until January 1.

Paste this direct link http://pep.si/glmQFY in your browser to sign in and vote.

Vote from your mobile phone; Text 104823 to Pepsi (73774).

The goal of this project is to make available a simple and beautiful tool that can be used at home to assist with maintaining healthy breast tissue by clearing out old debris and congestion. This rejuvenates the tissue and allows for a healthy PH, an increased blood and oxygen supply, and healthy drainage of wastes.

Healthy breast tissue is the best defense against cancer. The Pink Cup Project is designed to empower people to maintain their own breast health at home using vacuum therapies. Project focus is on instruction in the proper home use of these powerful tools, and continued efforts to educate and equip the wellness and medical fields.

The Pink Cup Project will benefit both men and women who may be at risk for breast cancer and invaluable to those dealing with the aftermath of breast cancer treatments by providing a personal and caring referral system for those who are living with or have survived breast cancer. Over 2000 professionals who are certified to work with vacuum therapies can provide immense relief from radiation burns, scarring and edema and can also hold “Pink Cup Gatherings” to present equipment and techniques for home care.

All profits from the Pink Cup equipment and DVD sales will go to breast cancer research and treatment projects.

Please visit www.pinkcupproject.com for more information