VTouchMassage is committed to providing a consistent and exceptional massage experience. Thirty minute to two hour sessions range from “Massage on the Go” to Deep tissue massage.  Due to the high demand, it is recommended that regular massages are scheduled in ten session packages at the same time every week (or every other week.)  Monforte’s philosophy is about the cumulative and consistent possibilities of bodywork.  Clients with the best results often schedule ten sessions as a regular, preventative course of treatment, rather than merely reacting when something is hurting. He noted, “There is a unique result possible when people commit and dedicate time and resources to well-being.  People will consistently run, practice yoga and pilates, even change oil in their vehicles, yet often find themselves resistant to scheduled and practiced bodywork.  We have seen dramatic improvements when someone is dedicated to consistent body work…their ability to heal and recover from chronic pain or injury, is greatly enhanced.”




A VTouchMassage client in Oakland Park has been seeing Monforte weekly for more than six months.  He was arthritic, recovering from abdominal surgery, and was slow to recover from weight training.  Now he plays racquetball five days a week, lifts weights three or four days a week, has lost more than thirty pounds and credits VTouchMassage for this integrated healing and capacity.




South Florida is not short on massage therapists; however few have the exceptional ability to transform, heal, and facilitate dynamic results.  According to licensed massage therapist Vincent Monforte (MA#51626), “Too often people in real need of body work are disappointed with the results.  Nothing is worse than booking a massage and not receiving the healing, relaxation, and holistic improvement that is possible through touch.” 







The Unique VTouchMassage:




Unlike other massage therapists who have a routine or patterned body work style, VTouchMassage, ensures that the energetic issues, conflicts, blockages, are addressed in real-time with concentration, consideration, and compassion.  The result is a unique experience during each session based on the client’s conditions.  Monforte noted, “I could treat someone a hundred times and no two sessions will ever be the same. It’s really about “listening” with my hands.  They are informed what requires attention, care, and healing.”




Monforte’s practice, VTouchMassage, recently expanded offices to

120 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 102

in Wilton Manors (just south of Andrews on the south side of the road.)  For additional inquiries email VTouchMassage at info@VTouchMassage.com. n This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it



VTouchMassage accepts Visa and Mastercard and appointments should be made by calling 954-303-7069.







Vincent Monforte

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