(OPENPRESS) December 9, 2009 — Vincent Monforte is the founder of VTouch Massage and the VTouch Method. The Ft. Lauderdale-based licensed massage therapist (MA#51626) recently announced that in 2010 he will be launching a seminar series to teach other licensed massage therapists worldwide the VTouch Method.

Monforte’s philosophy is about the cumulative and consistent possibilities of bodywork. Like rolfing, clients with the best results schedule ten sessions as a regular and preventative course of treatment, rather than merely reacting when something is hurting. He noted, “The VTouch Healing Process provides sustaining improvements for clients around the world. Developing a curriculum to share these methodologies is a thrilling component to sharing the unique VTouch Massage.

Unlike other massage techniques with a routine or patterned bodywork style, VTouchMassage, ensures that the energetic issues, conflicts, blockages, are addressed in real-time with concentration, consideration and compassion. The result is a unique experience during each session based on the client’s conditions. Monforte noted, “These seminars will teach that treating someone a hundred times will never result in two identical sessions. It’s really about “listening” with my hands. They are informed what requires attention, care and healing.”

Monforte’s practice, VTouchMassage, has offices located at 120 E. Oakland Park Blvd., Suite 102 in Wilton Manors (just south of Andrews on the south side of the road.) Considered one of the most popular massage therapists in North America, Monforte will announce more about the 2010 seminar series in January. VTouchMassage appointments are made by calling (954) 303-7069. An e-mail would work for those visiting from another state. Monforte does get booked very quickly. Booking in advance for out-of-state client’s is highly suggested.

Here are some of the methods he uses — Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, reiki, reflexology, hot stone, basic myofasical techniques, sports and medical.

For more information on VTouch Massage, visit www.vtouchmassage.com or contact Vincent Monforte at info@vtouchmassage.com.