Vulsini Makes Hot-Stone Massage Mobile with New Bag, MASSAGE MagazineOne of the spa industry’s most iconic and successful treatments includes the use of hot stones. However, making this therapy mobile and more flexible has always been a challenge for both operator and therapist–until now.

Now there is a solution. Vulsini, a company with more than 10 years experience in the hot-stones equipment industry, has developed Vulsini I, a unique and innovative mobile stone heater in the form of a stylish and portable bag. This new technology makes hot-stone massage therapy more efficient, saving time and money. As an added bonus, there is no water required to heat the stones.

Vulsini I is easy to use. You simply lay clean, dry basalt stones in the bag and close. Plug the power lead into a standard grounded socket (this can include a car lighter socket), press the ON/OFF switch and set the temperature on the digital thermometer. The stones heat up in just 45 minutes until they reach a comfortable working temperature and, when removed from the bag, hold their heat for the same amount of time as water heated stones. Holistic therapists are not only working with the heat and pressure of the stones, but the natural energy of the stones too.

The main benefit of Vulsini I is finally there is a way to make hot-stone massage mobile and the size of the bag allows for easy transport, whether it is between treatment rooms or on the road from one client appointment to the next. Other benefits include increased productivity, as the Vulsini bag takes minimal time to set up and can be transported whilst retaining heat even after it’s been disconnected from the mains; there is no mess or steam, which means it is less work and more comfortable for the therapist to work with; it is dual powered, so as well as being powered by an AC power supply, the bag also features a car lighter adaptor, allowing the stones to be preheated in transit; and at about half the size of a small water heater, the Vulsini I can be easily and more conveniently stored.

Furthermore, the Vulsini I is greener than water stone heaters as it uses less power to heat, no water and is manufactured using a fraction of the metal.

Vulsini I took two years of development following consultations with hot-stone lecturers and therapists as well as research into the history of hot-stone massage. History shows that as long ago as 2,000 BC ancient Chinese healers applied warm stones, which had been heated in the sun rather than in water to massage and heal the body.

Vulsini have also launched in addition to the Vulsini I bag a thermometer. Thanks to the new Vulsini thermometer, the temperature of either basalt stones or bamboo sticks can be read while being heated in the Vulsini bag. With a temperature range of 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit)  to 80 degrees Celsius (176 degrees Fahrenheit), the Vulsini thermometer allows precise control to be taken of the temperature of the equipment.

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