Weave Fitness-biz-tipsIt is no secret that our nation is obsessed with fitness. With obesity reaching epic levels and massive amounts of wellness information available to the general public, people are seeking fitness solutions to promote better health and an enhanced quality of life. Equipped with this information, massage therapists can use their own fitness skills and knowledge to better serve and attract clients.

Massage for the active community

There are many different angles from which massage therapists may choose to approach the topic of fitness within their daily practices.

One effective method is to learn massage therapy techniques that cater to members of the population who are especially active and committed to their fitness. Often, this can mean creating sessions that are geared toward folks who practice specific forms of fitness.

For example, if you happen to live and work in an area where golf is an especially popular pastime, then it can be a smart move to learn about the common physical issues and injuries that may plague golfers.

Then, you can create and advertise massage therapy to help prevent or alleviate these aches and pains that are specific to golfers. Obviously, this same method can be applied to all sorts of other fitness endeavors, from running marathons and riding bikes to playing tennis and swimming.

Massage therapy for fitness

Another way in which massage therapists can incorporate the intriguing topic of fitness into their work is by educating clients on the benefits of massage therapy for fitness. This might mean creating articles that you can include on your website and within other marketing materials. These articles might focus on all the fitness benefits of massage, including improved circulation, increased range of motion, injury prevention and more.

Some massage therapists may even choose to take their ties to fitness to the next level, either by becoming certified in some kind of personal training or other type of fitness coaching, or by working in coordination with a gym, an athletic team or another fitness organization. This brings the benefits of massage therapy right to the fitness committed client—and it can mean much more business for the massage therapist as well.

Practice what you preach

However, it is important for massage therapists to remember that their own fitness levels will be key to the success of incorporating a fitness theme or focus into daily practice. This comes down to the old advice that one should practice what he or she preaches. By serving as an example of greater fitness and well-being, you may be able to attract and retain even more clients.

Of course, keeping fitness at the forefront of your life can be beneficial beyond bringing more clients to your door. In fact, the massage therapist who is committed to his or her fitness may be better able to serve clients by having a greater energy level and more peace of mind and presence. Proper body mechanics come into play here, too, and staying fit can help massage therapists stay on top of the ways in which they use their own bodies and physical strength within the session room.


Brandi Schlossberg is an avid bodywork client and full-time journalist based in Reno, Nevada. She has written on many topics for MASSAGE Magazine, including “Are You Covered? Liability Insurance Protects Your Practice” (January 2014) and “A Changing CEU Landscape: How the Education Map is Being Rewritten” (April 2014).