If you are looking for a fresh new way to enhance your hands-on healing skills and open your practice to a more diverse mix of clients, the place to begin is with a search of upcoming continuing education classes.

For example, you might consider exploring the rich world of Asian bodywork therapy, starting with your next continuing education class. Even if you already happen to practice one or two different forms of Asian bodywork therapy, there are plenty of continuing education classes available to take your knowledge to the next level or teach you a new modality under the broad umbrella Asian bodywork therapy.

Among the various forms of Asian bodywork therapy that one could learn through continuing education classes are acupressure, shiatsu, Thai bodywork and tuina, among others. One could enroll in continuing education classes to learn more about these forms of Asian bodywork therapy in general, and then possibly choose to gain more specific and advanced skills through subsequent continuing education classes.

Another direction you might choose to take with your with continuing education could be a more medical approach to massage therapy and bodywork. This can mean a number of things, from learning how to help your clients better recover from specific a specific kind of injury or trauma to gaining the skills to improve the quality of life and reduce symptoms among clients who may have a certain medical condition, such as fibromyalgia or even cancer.

Continuing education classes that could fall into the category of a more clinical approach to massage therapy and bodywork truly seem to span the spectrum, so take a good look at what the providers of these continuing education classes have to offer. Whether you choose to learn techniques to help ease headaches and insomnia or to increase range of motion and reduce joint pain, a continuing education class that gives you key tools to help clients can mean a big boost for you and your business.

As you begin to search for your next continuing education class, keep an open mind as you remember how many options are out there for massage therapists and bodyworkers. You might begin your search believing you know exactly which continuing education class you want to take, and then stumble across a brand-new modality that catches your eye and makes you consider changing directions.

This is one reason that doing a bit of research or homework on what continuing education providers have to offer right now can be so beneficial. You will see that massage therapists and bodyworkers have their pick from an amazingly diverse mix of continuing education classes.

Not only do these classes offer a wide variety of topics to continuing education students, but they also offer a wide variety of formats in which massage therapists and bodyworkers can choose to take their next continuing education course. From online continuing education classes that you can take from the comfort of your home or office computer to destination continuing education seminars that take place on cruise ships and within luxurious resorts, there seems to be a continuing education class out there for nearly every kind of massage therapist and bodyworker.

Brandi Schlossberg