"Cubicle Romances" Straining Relationships and Health

CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa, Oct. 14 /PRNewswire/ — According to a survey conducted by Harris Interactive for Wellgate for Women, ninety-six percent of women who work in an office claim to like or love their computer, with the average woman spending nearly triple the amount of time daily with her computer than she spends with her significant other (9.3 hours compared to 3.6 hours). This computer romance is not only taking a toll on women's relationships but also on their physical health.

On the relationship side, one in ten female office workers claim her significant other thinks she spends too much time with her computer. This observation is well founded as more than three in five female adults who work in an office (62%) actually spend more time with their computer than they do shopping, exercising (79%), being outdoors (62%), with friends (58%), taking care of personal hygiene (43%), and with family (41%).

"Computers are a major contribution to our lives, however, they can also be a black hole for time and can interfere greatly with real-life relationships," says psychiatrist Arlene Kalman, MD. "Couples need to work on spending more time with each other instead of their monitors."

As to the toll taken on physical health, about one in five female office workers said they experience wrist pain while typing or using a mouse, and a similar number experience wrist pain after typing or using a mouse.

"When repetitive finger motions like typing or clicking a mouse are performed with a bent wrist it can cause stress to the tendons, which is often diagnosed as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome" says Megan Barclay M.S., P.T.

Luckily, Wellgate for Women, the developers of stylish orthopedic supports made specifically for women, created the Slimfit Wrist Support so women can relieve pain associated with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

"When your wrist is in line with your forearm, which the Wellgate for Women Slimfit Wrist Support allows while working at a computer, it can help alleviate wrist pain," adds Barclay.

To help women further, Wellgate for Women has created MyCubicleRomance.com, to engage wrists and computers everywhere in a bit of couple's therapy. This new Web site provides helpful office health information like tips for proper body positioning and ways to stretch and strengthen wrists throughout the day.

SOURCE Wellgate for Women