doTERRA-Logo_lg_bk-web-squarePatti Stevens was introduced to doTERRA roughly four years ago by one of her Pilates clients.

At the time, Patti enjoyed mentoring people on healthy living with herbs and oils. Her passion for helping people to live healthy lifestyles made her a perfect fit for doTERRA, but she didn’t stop there.

A few years ago, Patti became certified in Qigong—a type of standing meditation similar to Tai Chi, combining deep breathing with movement to send healing energy through the body. Upon becoming certified, she felt motivated to share this technique with others. After some research, she found the WestCare Foundation facility in Las Vegas to be the best place to volunteer and share her talents. She now volunteers at the Women’s Campus, teaching Qigong classes.

Though this is not a detox facility, Patti has been able to help women improve their health, find focus, and re-center their lives. The majority of the women at the facility are low income and struggle to find work or housing due to addictions or abuse. The aim of this program is to help women become independent and overcome their addictions, while building self-esteem. One in three adults who struggle with alcohol or drug abuse also suffer from depression. While women can admit themselves to the facility, the majority are court appointed.

Although she started by teaching Qigong, Patti added a yoga element to her classes, because many of the women are not able to exercise often. She says, “Seeing them physically relax from the breathing and stretching is the best part. When they find a way to relax, they are so amazed and grateful.”

Aside from providing a chance to relax and stretch, Patti says that her classes aim to build self-esteem. She loves to see the sense of accomplishment in these women as they realize that they are capable of doing yoga. “Building their self-esteem is so important, and I am grateful that I can contribute to this,” she says.

Typically, Patti focuses on restorative movements and exercises during her classes. She says, “It’s important for them to learn how to use their breath, so they can easily apply it to help them cope with their life, both in the center and when they leave.” She tries to keep movements and exercises simple so that the women feel a sense of accomplishment, rather than intimidation.

Many doTERRA Wellness Advocates have the ability to donate time and resources to their communities. Like others, Patti jumped at the chance to give back to her community and offer her talents to women in need.

doTERRA Cares is an initiative through which doTERRA International recognizes and raises awareness for Wellness Advocates who contribute to worthy causes worldwide. doTERRA International is thrilled to share Patti’s success and service and recognizes her as this week’s doTERRA Cares highlight!

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