INDIANAPOLIS – Living with Intention is about wellness:  physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.  Physically, it’s about vitality and energy … adding quality years to your life.  Emotionally, it’s about meaning and purpose … discovering what’s important to you, and then living it.  Spiritually, it’s about integrity … reflecting Whose you are in how you choose to spend each day.

Stephen Elliott, MD, and Linda Elliott, LMHC, are pleased to announce the opening of Living with Intention, a confidential, private wellness practice.  The goal:  to help their clients and patients achieve optimal wellness in every aspect of their lives.

Dr. Elliott is a graduate of DePauw University (BA in Mathematics and Economics), Duke University (Master of Divinity), and Indiana University (Doctor of Medicine).  A successful board-certified family practitioner since 1999, he has pursued advanced training and is now a Fellow and Diplomate of the American Academy of Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine. 

As compared to conventional, “disease-based,” medicine, Functional Medicine may best be defined as “wellness-based” medicine.   While conventional medicine is adept at identifying and treating the various symptoms of disease, the goal of Functional Medicine is to identify the root causes of disease and prevent and/or reverse it.  At its core, Functional Medicine is founded on the premise that each person is truly unique:  biochemically, physiologically, and metabolically unique.    At Living with Intention, Dr. Elliott incorporates a number of cutting-edge diagnostics to investigate such pervasive problems as chronic fatigue, poor libido, weakness, hot-flashes, stress, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, gastrointestinal difficulties, insomnia, memory problems, and cognitive decline.  Rather than reflexively reaching for the prescription pad, Dr. Elliott designs treatment plans aimed at correcting nutritional, biochemical, and metabolic deficiencies and optimizing a sense of well-being.

A licensed mental health counselor, Linda Elliott holds a BS in Business from Indiana University and an MA in Counseling from Ball State University.  She has management experience in health care and human services organizations and has also worked in the field of education.  Her counseling practice is focused on helping each individual develop insight and awareness, build skills, solve problems, and change behavior in constructive ways.  She specializes in relationships:  marital, parenting, intergenerational, professional and spiritual.  Linda draws on her varied and vast professional and real-life experiences to provide her clients with confidential, personalized care and guidance in a decidedly genuine, caring, and intentional manner.

Beyond this, Living with Intention provides such complementary services as massage therapy and nutritional counseling to round out their approach to improving a sense of wellness and well-being.

Conveniently located at 8495 Fishers Center Drive in Fishers, the practice is easily accessible from Geist, Carmel, and Indianapolis from 116th Street, just west of I-69.  For more information about Living with Intention, call (317) 863-5888 or visit their website at