Long Island, NY. Wellness provider ONESHIFT has partnered with corporate wellness provider Quantum Health & Wellness to offer the “Resilience Retreat.” This inaugural weekend event combines the transformational benefits of both groundbreaking companies. Being held Oct. 12, 13 and 14, 2012, in Montauk, New York, the ONESHIFT holistic elements will include integrative treatments, nutrition education and restorative yoga workshops (no prior experience necessary). Quantum will be providing wellness screenings for diabetes, blood pressure and cholesterol as well as ongoing coaching services and numerous online tools.

Janera Soerel, ONESHIFT CEO, notes, “The Quantum programs are very complementary to ours. They offer specific measurement processes and online tools and are well versed in the medical language. We offer simple focused tools for empowerment, to help clients better understand that their bodies can heal themselves.”

ONESHIFT offers holistic instruction for individuals, groups or workplace visits. Quantum President Priti Odedra says, “We welcome our new partnership with ONESHIFT and look forward to combining our strengths to empower individuals to implement lifestyle changes for personal transformation. Quantum has broadened our reach and expanded our offerings into multiple beneficial areas of wellness to provide a complete set of resources for corporations. We will be partnering in these types of wellness retreats as well as offering retreats for CEOs, top level executives and HR directors.” Quantum Health & Wellness will be providing a one year ongoing program for ONESHIFT members.

ONESHIFT co-founder Amy Hull says, “We want people to feel grounded and relaxed, to take them out of their daily lives and into another environment where they can come back to themselves. The Resilience Retreat will allow guests to feel taken care of, with locally sourced food, nutritional workshops, restorative classes, online tools and wellness resources. We’ll provide the follow-up with accountability and coaching to ensure their shifts are sustainable.”

Hull and Soerel created ONESHIFT after meeting at the Urban Zen Integrative Therapy Program, fashion icon Donna Karan’s certification program for holistic health and wellness.  Soerel describes the ONESHIFT philosophy noting, “One shift that you can make right now will have a big impact on your daily life. Ten minutes of breath awareness each day can change your life. Once you feel connected to your breath, you may choose to make another shift. There is a ripple effect that happens, once one shift is made others will follow. Which shift can you make now to take back your health?”

Quantum Health & Wellness combines the very best of evidence-based wellness programs, innovative exclusive technology, a network of alternative health care practitioners and functional wellness educators to create a new, proven turnkey Functional Wellness Program for the workplace. A corporate wellness resource supported by scientific research, clinical studies and tracking tools, Quantum delivers evidence-based functional wellness programs to lower insurance costs and increase productivity. The Quantum experts have more than 40 years of wellness programs experience in plan design, wellness screening, evidence-based tracking, health management coaching and clinically proven, results-based R.O.I. cost reductions.

ONESHIFT empowers individuals to take back their health and design corporate programs that teach enduring resilience. Through in-office treatments and classes ONESHIFT creates programs that restore wellness on a daily basis. The corporate programs offer a clear, focused and practical process to help employees better deal with stress, renew and stay present. Participants learn behaviors that help improve resilience and regain balance. They also learn how to better adapt to life’s inevitable stresses and identify with their strengths again. Participants feel more centered, experience increased levels of energy, and reduce their own stress-inducing behaviors.

The Resilience Retreat is $2,600 for single occupancy and $2,400 for double occupancy, which includes all instruction, treatments, classes, assessments, online tools, meals and lodging at the beautiful Sole East Hotel.

For more information on ONESHIFT, visit www.ONE-SHIFT.com. For more information on Quantum Health & Wellness Corporate Programs, visit www.QuantumHW.net.