It’s always exciting to receive results from surveys of massage therapists; this information tells us what you are interested in, and what you need to be successful in life and in practice.

MASSAGE Magazine recently received results from our latest Reader Survey, and you’ve told us … drumroll … we’re the best massage publication in the field. (And the majority—more than 70 percent—of our readers receive a second massage publication, usually as a perk of association membership.) I feel humbled, and appreciative of the MASSAGE Magazine staff and all the industry experts who help create every issue of the magazine and who contribute to our website on a consistent basis.

Here is some of what you told us:

1. Compared with readers of other publications, readers of MASSAGE Magazine are most likely to say that MASSAGE Magazine:

· is the magazine they trust most for accurate information
· has the most relevance to their profession
· has the most editorial integrity
· is the most useful to them in their practice
· has the highest quality appearance, and
· helps identify products they want to buy

2. Compared with readers of other massage publications, MASSAGE Magazine readers are most likely, after reading an advertisement:

· to have purchased/ordered a product or service
· to have called an advertiser
· visited an advertiser’s Web Site
· contacted an advertiser in some other way
· recommended a product or service
· filed an ad for future reference, and
· discussed an ad with others

This survey is closed, but I’m always interested to know how we can best serve you in print and online. Contact me at anytime!

Until next time!