It often feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day to keep up on all the news and developments in the massage field. Still, our editors often take time to reflect on the jobs we’re doing and how we might do them better.

Today we each created two New Year’s Resolutions: One specific to MASSAGE Magazine, and one of a more personal nature.

I’m sharing them (with Stanford and Jen’s permission!) with you here, and also want to invite you to share your resolutions with me. What do you resolve to do in the New Year? And how can MASSAGE Magazine help you keep your professional or personal resolutions?

Stanford Erickson, editorial director:
1. I will interview a massage therapist who not only is operating her/his own practice but also contributes constructively to improve the professionalism of the massage community.

2. I will keep my office organized and neat.

Jennifer Whalen, managing editor and associate editor of integrated media:

1. I will seek out additional experts in the massage and bodywork industry to either blog for and/or write articles pertaining to topics most important to massage therapists and the challenges they face.

2. I plan to eat healthier in the new year, choosing nutritious foods and snacks to help recharge throughout the day.

Karen Menehan, editor in chief:

1. I resolve to continue to seek out many sources of information in order to present the massage field with a wide variety of topics, experts, advice and ideas.

2. I will meditate for at least 15 minutes every day.