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Every client is different and seeks out massage for different reasons. Massage therapists are just as unique.

Even though you’re all part of the same professional community, each massage therapist has unique skills and finds joy from the profession in different ways. When it comes to massage, you know that the “best massage” isn’t just about consistency—it’s about personalizing each experience for your clients like only you can.


So, what kind of massage therapist are you? Take the personality quiz now to find out! Just by taking the quiz, you’ll be entered for a chance to win an iJoy® Massage Anywhere™. Or read on to learn about each personality and how massage therapists can be the best they can, no matter who they are.

Bodywork Brainiac


You’re equally at home with your head in an anatomy book, at a continuing education class, or practicing a massage technique. You’re the one others seek out when they need advice on the massage therapy craft. Your brain absorbs the latest research like a sponge. But clients are the best teachers. You don’t just see a person; you see an amazing collection of muscle, fascia, nerves, bones and skin and how all those things function together.

At work, it’s as if your hands are x-rays with knot radar, and each client is a muscular maze you have the skills to solve. You keep your skills tried-and-true, your mind sharp, and you apply your craft in a way only a true bodywork brainiac can.

What Brings a Bodywork Brainiac Joy: Your thirst for knowledge may be endless but your resources aren’t. Look for employers who can quench that thirst with free continuing education—so you can feed your mind, deepen your skills, and save your wallet. That’s big. Like Austin Powers big.

Hands-On Hero


You greet each day knowing you can heal the world one massage at a time. A tweaked neck? A tight shoulder? People know you’ll be the first to answer the call to help. You ride or die for the massage therapy profession. No mistaking it. It’s a career that can transform lives, and there’s no time to waste.

The profession benefits from the energy you bring to it. The positivity you exude is contagious–inspiring family, coworkers, clients and friends wherever you go. You’re out to make a splash, and you’ve got the skill and ambition for some major impact.

What Makes a Hands-on Hero Happy: What you offer clients is more than a skill—it’s a gift to be celebrated. Seek out a workplace that empowers you to do more of what you love and rewards you for it. Feel the love.

Un-Knotting Ninja


Like any self-respecting therapist, you possess a calm demeanor that immediately puts clients at ease. Your “spa” voice could be classified as an auditory sedative. It’s a badge of honor when clients drift off to sleep on the table. And you’ve earned a lot of badges.

Relaxation techniques are your bread and butter. Your healing hands seemingly dance along in harmony with the relaxing pulse of music. During each session, you pair excellent craft with whole-hearted focus. It’s no wonder your clients leave walking on a cloud.

What Takes a Ninja to Next-level Un-knotting: Your hands (and arms and elbows) are your most important tools but they don’t have to be the only tools in the treatment room. Find a location that provides a complete toolbox for customizing care for your clients and helping enhance any massage. It’s time to level up.

Mindfulness Maker


You’re a hippie at heart and you’re happiest with the smell of aromatherapy in the air and your healing hands bringing back balance to a weary body. That special drive to help others is evident in everything you do.

Your special gift is mindfulness, which means you’re fully present for each client, bringing the power of positive intent to every moment. You’re also grounded. By channeling your energy in the treatment room, you help others attain a sense of connection with their bodies. The parade of skilled bodywork techniques you deploy has your clients scrambling to figure out different ways to say, “Thanks.” A hug always seems to say it all.

What Eases the Mind of a Mindfulness Maker: Sometimes what drives a client to you is purely physical. Sometimes it’s emotional. When it comes to helping you work out your own emotional knots, pursue positions that make available confidential counseling and other mental health resource programs for you and your family. Self-care for you and your loved ones.



Don’t forget to take the personality quiz to find out what kind of massage therapist you are and be automatically entered for a chance to win an iJoy® Massage Anywhere™!

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