Staying busy really keeps the blues away; no time to dwell on life’s issues, good or bad. Sometimes though, we need a boost and that’s when your “fame folder” or “positive event report” book comes in handy.

Pretty writing books are inexpensive and easy to find, and even fountain pens can be obtained easily, not as cheap as a biro, but aren’t we worth it? I have green and turquoise inks, both bright and cheerful.

When a positive event happens in your day, write it down. Believe me, the list will be endless — a stranger’s cheerful smile, finding a quarter, a shady tree on a sunny day, a compliment, going somewhere new, making a new friend, not needing a filling at the dentist, the smell of newly cut grass, a garden rose, a magical cloud formation on a wet day or images seen in the flames of your winter fireside.

It’s also a great place to save tickets to a special show you saw. Next time you have a blue day, get out your book and read about all those positives. It’s sure to put a ray of sunshine into even the wettest day. Blotting the wet ink prior to closing the book will avoid smears and blotches.

— Karen Elysbeth Walsh is a licensed occupational therapist specializing in ergonomics and pain management,