This release shares the results of a poll asking workers to name the issues having the most negative impact on their health.

Shelton, CT (PRWEB) August 14, 2008 — What has the most negative impact on the health of workers? According to respondents to a new poll by longtime work/life leader [LifeCare®, Inc.], lack of exercise (24%) tops the list but various forms of stress actually have a larger impact when added together: stress about finances (22%), stress over personal or family issues (20%), and stress on the job (14%) accounted for 56% of the top responses to the poll. Respondents also were asked to cite what is keeping them from addressing these negative impacts and the top two responses were "don’t know how to begin" (38%) and "don’t have the time" (23%).

Here are the full results of the poll, conducted throughout the month of July on LifeCare’s private web site among employees of its 1,500 client organizations:

Which of the following is having the most negative impact on your health at the moment?

– Lack of exercise – 24%
– Stress about finances – 22%
– Stress in personal/family life – 20%
– Stress on the job – 14%
– Lack of sleep – 8%
– Poor diet – 7%
– Smoking – 2%
– Alcohol – 1%
– Other 2%

The results of the second part of the poll were:

What is keeping you from addressing this issue?

– Don’t know how to begin – 38%
– Don’t have the time – 23%
– Not motivated/don’t care – 14%
– Can’t afford help – 14%
– Too embarrassed to seek help – 4%

Another seven percent cited a variety of other reasons, each representing less than one percent. These included: "there is no solution to the problem," "tried to resolve the problem but can’t," and "need outside support."
"Our clients continually tell us that the health of their employees has a definite impact on their overall productivity," said LifeCare CEO, Peter G. Burki. "That’s why we develop health and [wellness programs] aimed at helping people make lasting, positive lifestyle choices. If you can get employees to do that, you’ve got a true win-win — it’s good for employees and it’s good for employers. And workplace wellness programs are an excellent way to help that large percentage of people who don’t know where or how to begin to help themselves."
Each month, LifeCare posts a poll on its private web site, asking individuals to share their thoughts and opinions on the latest issues and [work/life trends]. Past polls have addressed topics such as work/life balance, health and wellness, aging, flexible work arrangements, and child and elder care needs.

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