There has been some discussion by the media lately about beauty-product safety. Do you really know what’s in your lipstick or eyeshadow? How about your massage lotion? Some ingredients in popular products have been linked to allergies, toxicity, even cancer.

So I was happy when MASSAGE Magazine reader Jon Borges recently told me about a Web site that takes a lot of the guesswork out of purchasing products for our faces and bodies.

The Campaign for Safe Cosmetic’s ( database allows you to search by company name, product name or ingredient and obtain reviews and ratings on product safety.

I have to admit it: Until I visited this site I had no idea that personal-care products like lotions, shampoos and cosmetics are not regulated by the FDA. “It is perfectly legal and very common for companies to use ingredients that are known or suspected to be carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins in the their products,” the Web site notes.

The campaign itself entails a “Compact for Safe Cosmetics,” which is “a pledge to remove toxic chemicals and replace them with safer alternatives in every market they serve. So far, 600 companies have joined the pledge.

I urge you to visit the campaign’s site to find out what you’re really putting on your—and your clients’—body, and I also urge any company that formulates products for the massage field to enter information about their products and sign the Compact for Safe Cosmetics.

Until next time,

Karen Menehan
MASSAGE Magazine Editor-in-Chief