There is a buzz…people are turning to Alternative Therapies to heal from the trauma and stress in the world. A multitude of Holistic Minded people from the community congregated at Morristown Memorial Hospital to bring support and synergy to the field of Alternative Medicine on May 16th. 

The Holistic Mentorship Network (HMN), a Non-profit Corporation held their first Networking Event at Morristown Memorial Hospital under the gracious invitation of Atlantic Mind-Body Center/Atlantic Health, who is on the leading edge of medical technology and has a large and ever-growing Integrative Medicine Division.

The thrust of the HMN is to be part of the solution to facilitate the coming together of holistic practitioners and the community to heal the mind, body and spirit. The energy, the enthusiasm, the healing vibrations were high that evening. They were empowered by the uplift that happens when a group of people, unified by their passion and commitment to the world and healing, move in the same direction. 

So diverse is this field that the night’s event brought a large variety of Traditional and Non-traditional Businesses together. Some of the attendees were Hypnotherapists, Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioners, Social Workers, Psychologists, Nurses, Yoga practitioners, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists, Physical Therapists, Doctors, Movement Therapists, Aromatherapists, Business & Life coaches, Spiritual Counselors, Reiki practitioners, Martial Art practitioners, Cranial Sacral practitioners, Watsu, Healing Touch, Drumming, Shamanic Healing, Health Food Stores, “green” Garden Centers to name just a few.

Gail Tyrell, Founder of the Wise Woman Institute, captivated the audience with “Words that Heal”. Gail wowed the audience with the power of words through the demonstration of Muscle testing, also referred to as kinesiology. Muscle testing, is a practice developed in 1964 to diagnose or read (among other conditions) energy imbalances or  nutritional values by pushing or pulling on different muscles (most often the finger muscles or the deltoid muscle of the arm) and reading the corresponding weakness.

The client is asked to hold his arm out parallel to the floor for the test. The practitioner will then pull the arm down checking the muscle resistance while the client holds certain foods, vitamins, herbs, etc. either in his other hand, between the lips, or under his tongue. Gail demonstrated this technique on Mary Wetherill a neuromuscular therapist. By using words, Gail was able to demonstrate how powerful our words heal or harm our mind, body & spirit. 

Linda Mitchell-Dominguez, Founder & Executive Director of the Holistic Mentorship Network, states that the network is a home for “Visionaries”. In a field that is so diverse and expanding, it can feel quite lonely when you are trying to create a business led by your passion to heal the wounds of the world. Presently, HMN has 6 Chapters throughout NJ to bring everyone together who is interested in Holistic Practice.

Half the events proceeds from their Sponsors was donated to four organizations to support there needs: Sunrise House (an Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center); Prostate Cancer Coalition of NJ; NOVAC (Network Organization of Vaccine Awareness & Choice); & NJ Animal Rights Alliance. Other proceeds will be fed to support the Healing Arts Fair, 2009.

Linda Mitchell-Dominguez, Founder and Executive Director of the Holistic Mentorship Network commits to continuously invigorating the community by bring programs all year around. She says that “the proceeds from this event will go to support our 2009 Healing Arts Fair which is an experience and education in understanding holistic > therapies, on nurturing and honoring ourselves and our planet.”

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