This weekend I visited a good friend in Northern California. Her twin boys, Will and George, are 7 now. Seven! How did that happen, when it seems they were just tiny babies?

As always, my friend Mimi and I reminisced; we’ve known each other for 25 years, so we have lots of funny, and some not so funny, stories in common. We have camped and backpacked together, worked together in both a disc-drive factory and an upscale restaurant, and traveled to New Orleans together before the town was hit by Hurricane Katrina. And since we live a few hours’ apart from each other now, there are always lots of new stories to share with each other. Friends have died, and babies have been born.

As we all travel through life, there is so much to notice, so much to appreciate. So many stories.

One of my favorite sections to edit here at MASSAGE Magazine is Imprints. That’s where we run stories from clients and therapists of heartwarming or humorous events. We’ve published articles about seemingly miraculous client healings, therapists’ world travels, funny business situations, and outreach for the homeless, children and medical patients—and so many other topics.

Which leads me to ask, what’s your story? Send your idea for an article my way, and your Imprint could be published in MASSAGE Magazine. You can reach me at

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Karen Menehan
MASSAGE Magazine Editor-in-Chief