(Sept. 4, 2012): While its premise may leave some roaring with laughter, Poo~Pourri’s sprays could be just the saving grace every teen or college-aged student needs this semester.

Another school year is fast approaching, meaning another year of stoically plugging a nostril or two to use public restrooms and locker rooms. Instead of dreading the necessities of everyday life, start the school year prepared with Poo~Pourri’s Before-You-Go Bathroom Sprays and new Shoe~Pourri spray.

Pretty soon classrooms will be filling up and a bevy of bathroom passes will be handed out. Instead of earning the moniker of smelliest guy or girl of the year, earn the good Samaritan award and be the one that brings a little sunshine to those dingy stalls. Simply spray the toilet bowl water before going to the bathroom and Poo~Pourri’s proprietary blend of all natural essential oils will safely neutralize those odors that are better left unknown.

When nature calls take up the howl with Poo~Pourri’s Call of the Wild bathroom spray. Its Wild Ruby Red Grapefruit is an exotic, citrus scent that conjures up memories of summertime fun and sunshine with every flush. Thanks to its chic packaging and diminutive size, every girl can easily carry it in a purse or backpack and be queen of the restroom jungle.

For the debonair and well-mannered young man, Royal Flush is a rich, manly scent they can get on board with. Revitalizing Spearmint and fresh Eucalyptus combine for a natural aroma that brings the great outdoors inside. When paired with its slim bottle and posh silver labeling, Royal Flush is a product even 007 wouldn’t be able to resist.

Shoe~Pourri is the newest innovation to enter their odor-busting arsenal. Composed of the same safe ingredients, Shoe~Pourri targets and destroys the molecules that cause SFD, more commonly known as the dreaded Smelly Feet Disorder. Everyone may suffer from shoes that stink, but with Shoe~Pourri no one has to be the wiser. Spray inside each shoe after exercising, throw them in the locker, and enjoy an odor free class next time around.